1. Arash Afrouzi
  2. مدير گروه هنري افروز برگزاركننده نمايشگاه هاي داخلي و خارجي با مدرك معتبر Born in Tehran, he has worked in the field of architecture (interior decoration), undergraduate courses, hotel management in Dubai, experimental photography, etc., and is also the founding director of Afrooz Art Group. He has participated in exhibitions in Canada, France, America, Turkey ... and more than 15 domestic exhibitions. Afrooz Art Group has been active for two years and during this period has held various exhibitions in Iran and other countries. And online and inside Iran, he mentioned exhibitions in Mashhad, Isfahan and Tehran, such as the Garden of the Museum of Iranian Art, Atashzad, Davoodi, Entezami, Shafaq, Sarv, Gallery of Nations, Zarna, Kahfi, etc., which are held every month.


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